CareStat's Philosophy
Executive Staff
Service Delivery
Cost Control
To achieve our mission statement, we have committed to the highest quality standards in the industry.  The management team consists of dedicated health care professionals who, have themselves, worked in the industry for over 15 years. This allows us to bring a commitment of quality service and professional staffing services.  At CareStat, we understand the health care dilemmas facing the administrative staff of all types of medical facilities.  Our goal is to assist in improving the quality of care, which will generate client satisfaction and loyalty, thereby improving patient satisfaction.
1.To carefully select and hire only the highest quality professionals to work with our company.
2.To recognize the needs of our clients and direct our company to identify methods of meeting those needs.
3.To continue to adapt in order to meet the needs of the changing health care environment.
4.To support the ongoing education and growth of our professional staff.
5.To develop ongoing, long-term relationships with both facilities and health care professionals to promote continuity and quality care.
1. Provide regular in-services and tuition reimbursement for health care professionals and to promote educational advancement.
2. Provide methods of evaluation for the facilities of all health care staff utilized.
3. Provide a supportive environment to allow for personal growth and a long-term commitment to CareStat, which will ensure a successful, professional operation.
4. Continue to monitor and improve comprehensive screening techniques.
5. Provide thorough orientation programs to ensure safe, quality care.
6. Develop lasting relationships with client facilities so that communication is maintained.
7. Consistently review policies and procedures to ensure continued quality improvement.